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Thanks for considering Mid-South for your training needs. We offer the most innovative shooting school in the world in firearms training and tactics. Those who carry weapons as a tool of the trade, or out of necessity for personal protection, and depend on them, recognize the importance of state-of-the-art training.

In our ever-changing world, we understand that the military and law enforcement are constantly under close scrutiny and therefore it is imperative that they devote themselves to receiving advanced standardized training that can be documented. We at Mid-South appreciate the similarities and differences in training military personnel, law enforcement; so that with our skilled staff, we have the ability to tailor the training to your requirements.

Mid-South Institute offers intensive training courses for pistol, sub-machine gun and rifle designed to improve one’s skills. Mid-South’s rigorous training methods allow professional personnel to acquire shooting speed and accuracy, while developing mental toughness and the confidence to perform under pressure.

Mid-South’s shooting principles and tactics have become the operational doctrine of numerous military and police units, along with every government agency that has trained here. Mid-South instructors have dedicated themselves to sharing their experiences and knowledge. Once you have attended one of our courses, you will know that you have received the finest and most comprehensive training offered in the world. Our no-nonsense approach to training, coupled with the successful achievements of our graduates, is the foundation of our success. We hope you will consider Mid-South in assisting you with your training requirements, and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Mid-South was founded in 1981.  It was located 20 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The first year, six classes with an average of six students per class were taught. The students were competition shooters, businessmen and police officers. During succeeding years, both the number of classes and number of students per class increased. In 1987, we moved 5 miles out of Memphis and all classes were devoted exclusively to training military, police and government agencies. By 1988, student load had increased to nearly 900 personnel encompassing 48 weeks of training. This growth dictated expanding facilities, which included three new ranges and a military drop zone. In 1990 a second lodging house and two more ranges were added to meet the unique training needs being demanded by various military and law enforcement units. By 1996 a third lodging house was added along with 18 additional ranges.  The Mid-South staff continually reviews any new ideas for targets and range facilities. Our goal is to stay on the cutting-edge of any innovations proven to enhance one’s firearms training. Mid-South is the oldest and most established shooting school in the country that is operated by the original owner.

John Shaw
A 1975 graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in banking and finance, John started shooting professionally in 1979. He is a self-taught shooter who recognized that the lessons he learned could be taught to others and formulated the basis for teaching and competing in national and international events, he has honed and refined what he has learned into the most comprehensive combat firearms training program available. John Shaw has been the winner or runner-up in every major combat competition in the world, including: the I.P.S.C. Nationals; I.P.S.C. World; Bianchi Cup; Steel Challenge; Second Chance; Soldier of Fortune; I.P.S.C. Canadian and European Championships. Shooting awards and honors include: World Speed Shooting Champion, Pistol and Shotgun; nine Gold Medals in three World Championships; captain and nine-year member of the World Champion U.S. I.P.S.C. Team; 1995 Stockgun Match Winner of American Handgunning Man on Man Championship; and Man against Man Pump Shotgun World Champion. John is also the author of two best-selling books, You Can’t Miss and Shoot to Win.

Ross Sanders
Ross is the range master, lead instructor, and facility manager at Mid-South.  In this capacity he provides expert instruction to all levels of shooters from basic to advanced, as well as, ensures that the many ranges are operational.

Ross was instrumental in designing the advanced target systems currently in use at Mid-South. In addition to facility and instructional demands, he oversees all student logistical issues including lodging, transportation, storage and equipment concerns upon arrival.

Mid-South's Instructors
he Instructors at Mid-South are highly experienced and they are rated at the top of their professions. Their credentials include extensive training and in-depth experience with military and police. We are very proud and honored to have been associated with such units. Our staff has benefited greatly from the exposure to new tactics and techniques often used by these groups, which in turn keeps us on the leading edge of tactical training.

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