Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting

Welcome to Mid-South!
  Thanks for considering us for your training needs.  We offer the most innovative shooting school in the world providing firearms training and tactics for  Military and  Police.  Please explore our site for complete information on our training courses and our facilities. 

What Should You Look For In a Shooting School?

  • At Mid-South, we shoot pistol and carbine during our weeklong classes.  Where else can you get all the training you need  in a convenient weekly format?  You can expect to shoot 2,500 rounds of pistol and 2,000 rounds of rifle.  That's a lot of quality, disciplined trigger time, all in one week!

  • Do they shoot?   At Mid-South we train students to shoot.  We spend time on personal, individual instruction, not classroom lectures.  At Mid-South our curriculum begins after the decision to engage has been made.

  • Do the facilities support high-speed shooting?  Mid-South has over 400 stationary and reactionary steel targets on 28 ranges, which quickly reset.  We spend time shooting, not pasting paper targets!

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Mid-SouthInstitute of Self-Defense Shooting
5582 Blythe Road
Lake Cormorant, Mississippi 38641
(662) 781-1112  FAX (662) 781-5068
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